Commercial Car Insurance


Why Commercial Car Insurance For Your Business?

commercial car insurance

If you listened to the radio on your way to work this morning, chances are you heard reports of traffic accidents snarling the commute. You are glad it wasn’t you and you hope it wasn’t one of your company’s vehicles.

But what if it was? Would your business be covered if one of its vehicles caused an accident? Do you have the right commercial car insurance in place to protect your business?

No car owner would drive without personal car insurance. Commercial auto insurance is similar to personal auto coverage, but intended for vehicles used in the course of business. What if a company vehicle dents another in a parking lot? The property damage portion of the policy would pay for damages to the other vehicle and repair to your own, if needed.

If the accident was worse, commercial vehicle insurance can also cover:

  • Property damaged by a collision
  • Medical or funeral expenses for those involved in such an accident
  • Lawsuits generated by those involved in an accident

There are many other aspects of coverage, as well as a lot of variables in choosing the right commercial auto insurance for your business. Is the plan comprehensive enough for your company’s needs? Do you have the right liability coverage? Is the deductible suitable to your business?

O’Donovan Insurance independent insurance agents have the answers. More than that, we have access to the right policy for your business. With more than 30 years of experience evaluating plans and designing policies for both small businesses and for large ones, our independent insurance agents are ready to answer your questions.

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Now is the Time to Have the Right Commercial Car Insurance

It’s likely that your company uses its vehicles every day. That increases the likelihood that they could be in an accident. Automobile accidents in the United States cost hundreds of billions in damages every year. The right commercial auto insurance policy to protect your business is just a phone call to O’Donovan Insurance, LLC away.

When an independent insurance agent from O’Donovan Insurance, LLC works with you to find the right policy to cover your business, you can rest assured your business is covered should one of its vehicles be in an accident.

commercial auto insurance