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We Can Help You Get the Financial Services You Require

Not just insurance specialists, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC, with the help of Oxenham Finacial, LLC, connects their clients to their in-office partner to service all your financial needs as well.

Our agents are respected for the work they provide with serving client personal insurance and business insurance needs. They are equally known as a conduit to financial services that provide an investment foundation to help build your future.

O’Donovan Insurance, LLC works with Christopher Oxenham, a representative of Securities America, to provide financial services custom designed to maximize your income and bolster your financial security for the years ahead. By pairing our guidance of the best insurance plans with a wealth of personal and business financial services companies, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC provides a solid pathway to a financially secure future.

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Wealth Management

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth over the years, the management of these does not come without meticulous diligence.
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investment advisors


Maintaining a proper investment portfolio can be taxing work. Don’ be left with a workload that transcends your means.
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variable annuities


There are number of ways to provide yourself and your family with a financially secure future. One method is investing in annuities.
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life insurance

Life Insurance

There are many reasons to invest in life insurance, the most obvious is that it is a way for an individual to serve loved ones should they prematurely die.
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health insurance

Health Insurance

There’s no shortage of conversation about health care coverage these days, but, as a business owner, do you have all the answers you need to make the right decision on behalf of your company and its employees?
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disability insurance

Disability Insurance

What if you or a family member was out of commission for an extended period of time? Would your household be prepared to handle things like lost income, mortgage payments, personal and custodial care?
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mutual funds

Mutual Funds

For many who follow sound financial advice, investing in proper mutual funds can bolster their portfolios and provide a reliable source of supplemental income to you and your family. However, the stock market can prove to be volatile at times, and subsequently, many mutual funds follow suit.
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key man insurance

Key Man Insurance

Perish the thought, but what if you come to work one day to find out a key employee has died? Less severely, what if they were incapacitated in some way and unable to work?
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For more on how Oxenham Financial, LLC and O’Donovan Insurance, LLC can help your financial planning, call our team at 800-410-6333.

Christopher W. Oxenham is a registered representative of and offers securities through Securities America, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. He is licensed to sell insurance in Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), Virginia (VA) and South Carolina (SC) and registered to offer securities in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Texas, Utah (UT), North Carolina (NC), West Virgnia (WV), New York (NY) and South Carolina (SC) and advisory licensed in Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA). Advisory services offered through Verus Capital Partners LLC. Verus Capital Partners LLC, O’Donovan and Associates, and Securities America companies are unaffiliated.

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