Disability Insurance


Knowing when Disability Insurance is Right for You

disability insurance

What if you or a family member was out of commission for an extended period of time? Would your household be prepared to handle things like lost income, mortgage payments, personal and custodial care?

Disability insurance, put succinctly, is coverage that picks up where short term disability insurance ends. For individuals with debilitating conditions, or those who have family members in need of additional care, long term disability insurance works to cover a variety of expenses resulting from the life-altering debility.

As a family owned, independent insurance agency, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC cares. We treat clients like family and aim to put our vast experience and resources to work for you to make sure you have the best disability coverage in place to serve your needs.

Finding Disability Insurance

Because disabilities have such a wide range of severity, appropriate care can be difficult to plan for. While some businesses may assist in getting their employees disability care of some form, it may not be specifically catered to every situation. We are here to help.

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