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Never Leave the Dock Without Boat Insurance

boat insurance

Are you protected for the boating lifestyle you love? Like many boaters, you’d be out there as often as possible, wouldn’t you, enjoying the purpose and pleasures time out on the water provide. Do you have the right boat insurance in place to protect your efforts at the helm?

Every boat owner goes through a list safety precautions before casting off; it only makes sense to have the right boat insurance policy in place as one of those precautions. A boat is a tremendous investment, and, like any vehicle, one needs to guard against accidents. Year after year after year, it seems more boats are out on the water, bringing a range of experience at the helms. Crowded ports provide opportunity for accidents.

O’Donovan Insurance, LLC’ independent insurance agents want to make sure your boating experiences are carefree and that every time you leave the dock, you do so with the peace of mind knowing that you, your boat, and its occupants are protected against harm or accident.

How can boat insurance help me?

The right boat insurance can go beyond the scope of obvious situations that qualify for reimbursement, like repairs to accidental hull damage. Guided to the proper policy by an O’Donovan Insurance, LLC’ agent, you could find boat insurance policy that extends to cover specific aspects of your investment and those who ride with you, including:

  • The boat’s motor
  • The trailer you use to get your boat to and from the water
  • Medical expenses incurred by boating accidents
  • Personal liability for the same
boat owners insurance
Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is not just for motorboats, some policies can protect your:

  • Jet Skis
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing Boats
  • House Boats

O’Donovan Insurance, LLC independent insurance agents are ready to find you an affordable insurance policy to cover your boat. Plans vary, so we’ll put our more than 30 years of experience to work so we can direct you to the best plan for your boating needs.