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What You May Not Know about Flood Insurance

flood insurance

It seems storms are becoming more powerful every year, dumping more and more rain. Rivers rise, street drains back up. The wrong way to find out if your home insurance policy covers the water seeping up into the house through the basement floor is to make that call after it’s happened.

Many homeowners aren’t aware that a typical homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policy does not cover damage from flooding. A proper insurance policy, however, can mitigate the cost of flood damage.

An O’Donovan Insurance independent insurance agent is ready to answer your questions about coverage and has affordable insurance options ready to protect you against floods and flooding.


Floods and flooding cause a lot of damage in the United States. It’s our number one form of natural disaster. Rivers and creeks lace the landscape, but it’s wise not to think exclusively of them as the source of flooding. Intense rains can put a lot of water on the ground in a short period of time, overwhelming roofs, gutters, drains, and even natural runoff patterns. Fast accumulating water often has nowhere to go but inside, finding its way through walls and ruinously into basements and other rooms.

While a typical homeowners insurance policy covers damage if, say, a pipe or a water heater has burst inside the house, it likely won’t cover water that floods into the home from outside. Having the right flood insurance policy in place will protect against such disaster.

It’s easy to put an O’Donovan Insurance agent to work for you to search through flood insurance quotes and find you the right affordable insurance to protect your home.

flood insurance rates

How O’Donovan Insurance Can Help

O’Donovan Insurance is well aware that flooding can quickly put a homeowner in dire straits, especially since typical insurance plans don’t always account for flood damage. Our independent insurance agents are ready to talk to you about your flood insurance needs, letting you understand how much flood insurance costs, and helping you determine its value to you and your home. If you would like to speak to our insurance agents about flood insurance rates, please call us at 800-410-6333.

As an independent insurance agency, we evaluate products and services on your behalf, and design your insurance policy with your best interest in mind.

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