Homeowners Insurance


What Can A Homeowners Insurance Policy Do For Me

homeowners insurance

It’s great when things go well – and that’s what you expect to happen when you have a home – but what if they don’t?

Frozen pipes, fire, a burglary — heck, a contractor could even fall from your roof. Are you properly covered against such unforeseen circumstances?

Many know property insurance to protect a homeowner in event of an accident such as a fire, helping the household have the means to recover as quickly as possible. Less understood is how homeowners insurance protects valuable possessions, such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Collections of rare items
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Artwork

Is your household adequately covered?

Even if you think it is but aren’t 100% sure, we can help you find out.

O’Donovan Insurance, LLC has been protecting homeowners and their possessions for decades, providing individual attention and designing just the right homeowner insurance policy for each individual client. Family-owned and operated, our independent insurance agents evaluate products and services on your behalf to protect your particular home. We care as if it were ours.

Is Your Home ‘Safe As Houses’?

Homeowner’s insurance policies are often complex and warrant a certain expertise to navigate and negotiate. With the guidance of an O’Donovan Insurance, LLC insurance agent, you can rest assured your home will have the best protection a policy can provide.

We have vast industry expertise and provide multiple options to protect what matters to you. We’ll help you find an affordable insurance plan and an insurance company that will best suit the needs of your home and help you and your family for when hazards do arise. Even if you rent, we can help you explore available plans and see what is right for you.

For more information on homeowner’s insurance and everything it entails, please call our staff of insurance agents at 800-410-6333 to discuss which insurance company and plan is right for you.

home owners insurance