Specialty Insurance


What is specialty Insurance?

Specialty Insurance

Individuals, businesses and other organizations buy specialty insurance to provide protection against financial losses. This type of specialty insurance coverage goes beyond ordinary policies and often centers on providing insurance for more exclusive or difficult risks. Typically, specialty insurance covers unique or rare businesses but in some cases specialty insurance covers a more common industry in which insurance is hard to find.

Daycare Defender

When you own or operate a commercial or in-home childcare center, parents give you the responsibility of protecting their most precious assets. But how can you protect your business’s financial assets without daycare insurance ? After all, accidents happen. Sometimes, the smallest mistake can lead to a severe or even life-threatening situation – and, one harmful accusation could ruin your entire livelihood. You need to prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome.

daycare insurance

Janitorial Insurance Group

janitorial insurance

We provide commercial and residential janitorial insurance across the United States. With janitorial contractor insurance policies such as general liability, commercial auto, and contractor’s equipment, we can design provisions to match every aspect of your business. Janitorial Insurance Group works with you to ensure that everything – from your employees to your equipment – is protected.


BoutiqueShield was invented to protect independent fashion consultants from loss or damage to their business assets. These assets include computers, equipment, merchandise, materials and inventory. Whether you’re off-site at a party or pop-up sale or even in your own home, our home business insurance policy will protect you.

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Longleaf Forestry Insurance

forest insurance

Longleaf Forestry Insurance has written log truck insurance for over 20 years. Logging is an industry that threatens the lives and livelihoods of those who work in it daily. In this risky environment we are one of the only log truck insurance companies who have weathered the storm.

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Wedding Insurance Group

You deserve a fairy tale wedding. But what if the biggest day of your life doesn’t go as planned? What happens if a guest injures her leg on the slippery dance floor, the DJ never shows up, or the photographer’s camera cards erase? Wedding insurance offers you peace of mind so that you can enjoy every moment of your fairy tale.

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Injuries. Equipment malfunctions. Vehicle accidents. Construction industry contractors face risks every day, and you need insurance from a company that understands the industry. ConstructSure provides insurance to construction industry contractors. Our clients are general contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, excavators and landscapers, HVAC and drywall contractors, and more..