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Curious about what insurance you need? How covered you currently are? As an insurance agency with more than 30 years of experience serving Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania residents and businesses, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC insurance agents are ready to answer your questions. Until you are satisfied with the answers, our insurance agents will not stop looking for solutions to any concerns you may have.

Whether you are looking for personal insurance, an array of commercial insurance policies to cover your business, or financial services that will provide peace of mind for years to come, think of this list of frequently asked questions as a starting place. And feel free to give one of our independent insurance agents a call at 800-410-6333 if you have any further questions.

Typically, yes. Many homeowner’s insurance plans cover the insured in case a neighbor, contractor, or otherwise gets injured in the residence. Many renter’s insurance policies will take care of the costs of the injury if liable, and/or the costs of legal defense. A personal umbrella insurance plan can also be used to extend liability coverage beyond these standard options.
It varies from plan to plan and hinges on several factors, including the amount of money the jewelry itself is worth. If it’s not covered in homeowners or renter’s insurance, other types of insurance, such as personal umbrella insurance policy can protect your valuables that may go above and beyond traditional coverage.

Businesses can also cover their valuables within their facilities with inclusive property insurance or a commercial insurance plan to transcend typical coverages.

Worker’s compensation plans may entitle the insured to either have their bills paid for, or reimbursed, if injury or illness resulted from the workplace. However, some may even compensate portions of lost paychecks resulting from amount of time missed from work. These are complex scenarios, which is why O’Donovan Insurance, LLC can direct you to the proper insurance companies for worker’s compensation and disability insurance plans.

Additionally, if you are the owner of a business that suffers due to the long-term loss of an employee, you may be entitled to key man insurance.

Several precautions can be taken in order to ensure your financial well-being during your golden years, depending on your present financial situation. O’Donovan Insurance, LLC can help you consider different deferred and income annuities, investments, mutual funds, and options to properly manage your assets and wealth.
That would be a risky assumption to make. Damages resulting from earthquakes and floods aren’t always covered by homeowner’s insurance. The insurance companies we work with, however, do offer flood insurance plans and other types of insurance for you to consider.
Not always. Some plans will even account for legal defense costs in the event of a lawsuit that doesn’t deem your business liable for damage. New and small businesses can be especially crippled by legal costs, and the right professional liability insurance can be essential for a new establishment to make it past its infancy.
Auto insurance policies aren’t universal, so it would depend on your particular insurance plan. But generally, depending on the circumstances of the crash, insurance companies aren’t quick to cease coverage in the event of an automobile accident. You may be required to pay a higher premium upon renewal because they may perceive you to be at higher risk due to your history.
Life insurance can be a great safety net to consider, depending on factors including your age and lifestyle. Should you determine that life insurance is an investment worth making, the right plan can cover some costs of:

– Medical bills related to cause of death
– Support to dependents of deceased as they search for employment
– Monthly bills for retirement, day-care and college tuition

Until you are satisfied, we don’t stop looking for solutions to any concerns you may have. Call our team of insurance agents at 800-410-6333, and we will get you on track toward a secure financial future.