Workers Comp Insurance


Is Your Workers’ Comp Insurance Ready To Work For You?

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If one of your employees hurts themselves on the job, do you have the right worker’s comp policy in place to protect your business and support your workers?

At O’Donovan Insurance, LLC, we have the expertise and resources to make sure you do. We know you care about your workforce, and we do too.

No matter what the workplace, whether you have a crew of pipe fitters or an office full of programmers, a highly-trained medical staff or first-time restaurant workers, accidents happen and employees can get hurt.

Required in most states by law, workers comp insurance can:

  • Protect your employees if they suffer job-related injuries
  • Pay the medical bills for the injured employee
  • Pay disability income to the worker for time off work due to the injury

You need the right worker’s comp policy in place to serve your company’s specific needs and protect your most important asset, your workers.

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O’Donovan Insurance, LLC is a family-owned business that knows about caring. In fact, we care for businesses as if they are family. That’s our reputation. Our company’s independent insurance agents bring more than 30 years of worker’s compensation insurance experience to the table and provide the one-on-one attention necessary to design an insurance policy for you with your business’ best interest in mind.

Workers’ Compensation – For Your Business, For Your Workforce

It is often said that a company’s best asset is its workforce. Let your best asset know you care by having the right workers’ compensation insurance in place to work on their behalf. They’ll understand you care about their health and well being and, with that assuredly in mind, can focus on the work they provide your business.

No matter where your large or small business is, the goal of O’Donovan Insurance, LLC’ insurance agents is to make sure you and your employees have peace of mind knowing the right workers’ compensation insurance policy is in place should a workplace injury occur.

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