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Protect Your Business With Key Man Insurance

key man insurance

Perish the thought, but what if you come to work one day to find out a key employee has died? Less severely, what if they were incapacitated in some way and unable to work? Say they were a sales person who generated 80% of your sales…how do you handle the situation and recover from the loss of business?

One answer is to have a key man insurance policy in place.

For more than 30 years, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC insurance agents have been working with businesses of all sizes to make sure they are protected when something happens to key employees in their workforce. Our independent insurance agents have been designing the right key man insurance policies on a company-by-company basis to protect against key employee loss.

How Key Man Insurance Helps Your Business

When your company loses a key employee, your business can be set back in many ways.

  • Lost revenue
  • Lost managerial skill and institutional knowledge
  • Credit rating damage

Finding a replacement is going to take an investment of time and money that will cost your business. A key man insurance plan helps businesses weather financial hardships attributed to losing a vital member of your staff due to incapacitation or death, paying for the hiring and training of that replacement and mitigating the loss of revenue.

key man insurance

Find Out More About Key Man Insurance

As a family-owned and operated independent insurance agency, at O’Donovan Insurance, LLC, we are a one-stop shop that has your best interest in mind. Our independent insurance agents have helped hundreds of clients protect their assets with policies from a variety of insurance companies. They will help answer all your commercial insurance questions, including those you have about key man insurance.

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