Tenant/Condo Insurance


Protect your Rented Property with Renters Insurance

renters insurance

Are you among the nearly 1 in 3 Americans who rent their property? Many renters go uninsured, having the mistaken impression that their landlord’s policy covers their possessions.

Others go under-insured, surmising they would need less coverage for a condominium or a rental property than they would in a single-family house. Are you properly covered to protect the value of your possessions?

If a fire spreads from another owner’s apartment and damaged your own, the right renter’s insurance could have you covered. If pipes back up and flood your place, or if something bursts in a unit above you, the same would be true.

When you speak to O’Donovan Insurance, LLC, we will talk about your living situation and determine which renters insurance plan is right for you. There are many variables to consider: from your assets, how many apartment units you’re near, or whether you share amenities such as a laundry room with your neighbors, for example; rest assured, we’re experts at this and will explore your needs and design a policy right for you.

Talk to our Insurance Agents about Renters Insurance

If you rent, we’re ready to find the right renters insurance for your living situation, contact us at 800-410-6333. Our team will gather the information we need and get to work on guiding you toward the plan that suits you best.