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How a Registered Investment Advisor Can Help You Manage Your Finances

investment advisors

Maintaining a proper investment portfolio can be taxing work. Whether you’re checking its progress, assessing if it coincides with your short and long-term goals, or making changes to it, you can suddenly be left with a workload that transcends your means. Not only is it tedious work, but mismanagement of your resources can put your financial future in jeopardy.

This is why O’Donovan Insurance, LLC wants to grant you with access to registered investment advisors who can do the legwork on this research. We want to assist you in managing all of your investment needs, ranging from stocks and mutual funds, bonds, annuities, and anything else that you need guidance for. We will work with you to assess what you need in your future, and can in turn help you figure out the best courses of action for how to prepare for events such as retirement, or the education of your children.

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Christopher W. Oxenham is a registered representative of and offers securities through Securities America, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. He is licensed to sell insurance in Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), Virginia (VA) and South Carolina (SC) and registered to offer securities in Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Texas, Utah (UT), North Carolina (NC), West Virgnia (WV), New York (NY) and South Carolina (SC) and advisory licensed in Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA). Advisory services offered through Verus Capital Partners LLC. Verus Capital Partners LLC, O’Donovan & Associates Inc., O’Donovan Insurance, LLC and Securities America companies are unaffiliated.