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How Business Insurance Covers You

business insurance

Business insurance can be complex. An experienced, independent insurance agent can help you get the right commercial coverage for your operation. You need an agent who can service all your business insurance needs. An independent insurance agent can provide you with many coverage options. These range from commercial vehicle insurance to professional liability coverage to workers’ comp.

Unlike captive agents who provide coverage from only one insurance company, O’Donovan Insurance agents work with many differrent companies. Our agents can meet all your commercial insurance needs. If you need several different policies from different carriers, or specialty coverage, our agents are here to help.

Independent agents handle over 50 percent of commercial insurance policies in existence today. With more than 30 years of experience evaluating plans and designing policies for businesses both small and large, O’Donovan independent insurance agents are ready to answer your questions.

Business Liability

Business Liability Insurance

On a good day, a business is growing. Things are going according to plan. Inventory is moving and the P&L works. Best of all, customers are happy and life is good.But what happens when things aren’t going according to plan?
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commercial property insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

How well is your business prepared to handle the damage a fire, flooding, or vandalism brings?
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commercial car insurance

Commercial Car Insurance

If you listened to the radio on your way to work this morning, chances are you heard reports of traffic accidents snarling the commute. You are glad it wasn’t you and you hope it wasn’t one of your company’s vehicles.
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workers comp insurance

Workers Comp Insurance

If one of your employees hurts themselves on the job, do you have the right worker’s comp policy in place to protect your business and support your workers?
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business umbrella insurance

Business Umbrella Insurance

Property insurance and commercial auto insurance policies cover a lot on behalf of a business. But many business owners purchase business umbrella insurance as an added layer of protection.
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professional liability insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

What if someone sues because of a mistake your business has made? Mistakes happen, but they don’t have to cost your business.
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business health insurance

Business Health Insurance

There’s no shortage of conversation about health care coverage these days, but, as a business owner, do you have all the answers you need to make the right decision on behalf of your company and its employees?
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surety bonds

Surety Bonds

Can you foresee your business in a situation where it is unable to honor a contract? How would it protect itself in the face of failed obligation from a client and the work that was promised?
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Potential Risks Every Business May Face

Liability Insurance

Every company, large and small, has unique risks. Some have workers who operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles while on the job. Others serve food and alcohol or handle toxic substances. Doctors and hospital staff handle patients, body fluids, sharp needles and equipment. Some handle sensitive documents, data, or money, opening the door to business fraud. All these reasons are why every company needs commercial insurance coverage.

Determining your risks and purchasing the right commercial insurance, involves a wide range of factors, including:

  • Your business needs
  • How you serve your customers
  • How many employees you have on staff
  • The materials or substances those employees handle
  • Whether your employees drive in the course of their work
  • The safety of your building, equipment, and processes
  • The security of your data and intellectual property
business insurance

O’Donovan Insurance independent agents specialize in commercial insurance. Our agents can address every aspect of your business coverage. They will help to ensure that you do not have gaps that could leave your business exposed to financial risk. Start your business insurance assesment by contacting one of our agent’s online today.